Win2K functions missing from WinXP Pro?

  JerryJay 09:54 19 Mar 04

I like some functions I really like, but I could not find them in WinXP Pro. Are they really missing or just I cannot find them? These functions are:


(1) In Win2K, I can have Power Users who can install some software package without the need of administrator. But, I XP Pro, I cannot find Power User, anyone want to install software has to be administrator which is not a option.

(2) In Win2K, any program installed by adminstrator can be set up for other users to use by change security purpose and also any folder can be set to give certain users access use folder's security property. However, I could not find this in XP Pro.

Are those functions truly missing or just I could not find it? If they are truly missing, this is really a drawback.

  temp003 10:13 19 Mar 04

(1) XP Pro has Power Users.

(2) The Security tab for assigning permissions is available in XP Pro. The tab is not available when Simple File Sharing is enabled (which it is by default). You have to disable SFS first.

  temp003 10:16 19 Mar 04

To create user account of any type click here

  Rigga 10:18 19 Mar 04

disable SFS in explorer, tools, folder options, view , advanced settings.. the last setting.. Use Simple file Sharing.. uncheck it!


  JerryJay 12:17 19 Mar 04

Dear, I do miss something. I will try it again when I get back to home with XP machine. Thanks for info.

  JerryJay 00:59 24 Mar 04

I still only see "Admin" & "Limited user" on XP Pro, cannot find and set any other type of users such as Power users in Win2K.

Any advice?

  temp003 02:53 24 Mar 04

Try: right click My Computer, Manage, expand System Tools, Local Users and Groups, Highlight Groups to see if the Power Users group is listed.

If so, right click Power Users and click Add to add member to group.

If not, ...., I don't know why it's missing!

  JerryJay 10:02 24 Mar 04

Thanks, I will try it again tonight when I get home. Only Win2k for work.

  Eric10 16:00 24 Mar 04

Another way is to right-click the user that you want to assign rights to and choose 'Properties', 'Member of', and then click the 'Add' button. Now click 'Advanced' followed by 'Find Now' and you will have a list of operators to choose from.

  JerryJay 23:33 24 Mar 04

I added a user to power user group from Computer management. After that I go to Users (Control Panel), it shows this user Unknown Account Type. I tried to change account type for other users, but only two options (Admin and Limited). This is strange indeed.

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