Win2K Drive Letters Dilemma

  daba 20:24 09 Feb 07

Re-building PC after a HDD fail, but didn't connect HDD 2 at first : Windows has been reloaded with :-

C: HDD 1

D: CD/RW Drive

E: DVD Drive

F: Removeable Disk Drive (Printer Slot)

G: HDD 2

How can I reset this to :-

C: HDD 1

D: HDD 2



G: Removeable Disk

I have tried unistalling all the drives (except C:), and re-booting with the CD/RW and DVD drives disconnected and the printer turned off - but the second HDD remains at drive G:

How do I get these back in the right order, please?

  daba 20:28 09 Feb 07

Sorry, jumped the gun, found the answer here

click here

thanks Stuartli

  SANTOS7 20:30 09 Feb 07

To change drive letters (except boot/system vol) try Disk management:-
Start/Right click My computer, then 'Manage'.
In the new window click on 'Disk management' in left pane.
In the right lower pane right click on the relevant drive/s and then 'Change drive letter and paths'.
Make sure your external drives etc are connected.

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