Win2000 Pro WOES

  Demora 11:43 13 Feb 05

My friend still hasn't been able to boot into Windows 2000pro (trouble with NTOSKRNL.exe) seems all attempts to get in are useless. BUT He emaild me this morning with the message below

>> would you know if is possible to partition my HDD as it currently stands? Maybe another boot disk of some sort?

I have a program a friend sent me called NTFS reader, which would allow me to copy all my files to a new partition, if I had the partition there.

So, hoping, that if I could partition the HDD now, I might be able to do that, or even, just install a new Win2000 to the new partition...

He's at University and needs to access this pc.



  Diemmess 12:04 13 Feb 05

Has the direct approach of re-installing direct from the 2000 CD "as a repair" been tried first?

If not, he may need to alter the BIOS to make the CD the first boot device.

  TomJerry 12:04 13 Feb 05

If he want to recover any files on HDD, stop trying to install anything on HDD (or partition). It may make futher damage to HDDs.

I think two possibilities (1) HDD failure (2) boot table problem.

If it is (2), he can boot up from Win2K CD and select to get into "Recovery Console" and run "fixboot" to try to fix.

If above does not work, the BEST option is to remove HDD and put it into another Computer and do recovery from there.

If not possible to move HDD to another PC, get a recovery tool which run from CD.

Good recovery tool run from CD: THE best is ERD Commander click here. If your friend know any PC Support guy, he can borrow it, otherwise this program costs over 1K.

The next possibility is to get WinXP PE CD basically this is a live XP CD which is bootable. Again, this is only available from PC support guys. If you spend sometime, you can make one your self using BartPE click here

The final tool which boot from CD is Ultimate Boot CD which is free and has a lot of great ultilities incluing NTFS reader click here

No matter what he do, do not write anything on HDD is he want to recover anything

  pc moron 12:49 13 Feb 05

Does this help? click here

  Demora 13:28 13 Feb 05

He's now beginning to think it could be a virus. BUT he obviously can't check this. Is there a virus checker he can run from a floppy or cd. He also has a laptop



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