Win XP with SP2 hangs randomly

  iamthewalrus 13:41 22 Jan 05

Just got a new processor, motherboard, ram. Sempron 3000+ Socket A, gigabyte 7NF-RZ motherboard, kingstone 400MHz DDR Ram. Installed Win XP, and both service packs and everything worked fine, BUT, occasionaly the PC just hangs, no explanation just totaly stops doing anything. No mouse movement or keyboard and a hardware reset is the only way out. Does anyone have any idea as to what the problem is, could the processor be overheating? does that cause hangs? I don't know but i hope some of you might! Thanks.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:31 22 Jan 05

Some random thoughs:

check the temperatutes in the BIOS the next time that you have to reboot.

Run the system file checker



sfc /scannow

Check any conflicts in the device manager

check for any updated drivers

  iamthewalrus 16:18 22 Jan 05

OK, thanks, i have tried the sfc thing, we'll c how it goes

thanks very much

  iamthewalrus 17:25 22 Feb 05

Ok, seamed to work for a few weeks but now im back to good old hangs galore. had 5 today already, 7 yesterday. Could it be that i don't have a good enough heatsink on my processor, it said it would be ok, i have a sempron 3000+ and a heatsink that said it should support at 3400+ athalon xp. It came with a lump of heatsink compound on the bottom and not in a wee packet- i have heard that this type of compound does not conduct heat as well as it's messier counterpart. Currently running at 53 degrees C. Is this OK? It's kinda wierd tho because my old 1.3 GHz processor had a crappy heatsink on it, just capable of cooling it and i never used any compound at all. Any ideas? Thanks

  iamthewalrus 17:49 22 Feb 05

have tried underclocking it a little (lowered the system bus to 160 rather than 166)
this dropped the temp a few degrees- now 47-48 deg. C

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