Win XP Pro Problem

  poogles_uk 10:57 11 Apr 04

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PC Crashes in Win XP, green activity mouse light goes out (wireless mouse docking station tell of movement)

Anyway to diagnose the problem?

Even thought it is a 1.2ghz cpu, mbm says it runs at 1190mhz.

Crashes before getting into windows on blue screen before the welcome screen appears (blue screen is blue with mouse and the mouse loading thing)

Blue screen sometimes appears and stalls momentariraly then goes onto welcome screen to login, i have to click my logon thing, usually just logs straight in due to only 1 account and no password.

Sometimes starts first time with no problems.

Proper crashes, no mouse of keyboard response, only way to restart is by using button, ctrl+alt+delete no use

Updated graphics driver and problem stopped, then came back again.

Think problem started after installing new psu with 2 fans, rather than the 1 fan i had. This has a lot less drain on the 12V Rail but also less on the 5v. Before i had just a pci slot heat extractor fan pulling air out when i had a 1 fan PSU, but now i have both the 2 fan PSU and the extractor fan.

The computer will still crash after this change. Even if i remove the extractor fan it makes no difference.

The computer will always start in safe mode. Sometimes it turns on but the screen is dead and nothing happens, but if you turn it off and back on again it will start. It has nly once ever crashed in safe mode

This sort of narrows it down to windows XP doesn't it?
Is there any way to diagnose what is causing it too crash while it is loading? Any Ideas? Im going to look on MS support to try and find an answer, any help would be appreciated!!!!

I can restore a backp using PQDI 7 but im getting errors that im trying to solve.

  poogles_uk 11:20 11 Apr 04

Any ideas from anyone?

Or would i be best getting the new CPU, then trying that, if that doesn't solve it restore a backup from just after activation?

  johnnyrocker 11:23 11 Apr 04

have a look in the event logs and see what is causing your probs.


  poogles_uk 11:29 11 Apr 04

They only tell of problems that happened after the crash, there was one for the IVP6 (or whatever) microsoft firewall but i fixed that, all others are successful. Do you mean in admin tools, then event viewer, would it be the system logs?

  poogles_uk 11:43 11 Apr 04



  poogles_uk 11:48 11 Apr 04

Can anyone Help??

  keith-236785 11:49 11 Apr 04

My suggestion would be to try a normal wired mouse, it may just be the drivers for the mouse causing the crashes. though it could be any number of things.

possibly the memory/graphic card not seated properly, removing and replacing might help.

do you still have the old power supply, if so swap it back and see if the problem goes away

i have a Genius cordless keyboard/mouse setup but have gone back to wired mouse. sometimes for no reason, all three lights on the reciever (caps,num & scroll lock) light up and keyboard will not work. only thing to do is restart and problem goes away.

if it isnt the power supply at fault then i think it is probably a driver issue.

good luck

  poogles_uk 11:57 11 Apr 04

Ok, ill try the mouse, but when it crashes normally in windows the light dont go out and the driver is the basic windows one.

I will try removing and replacing the ram and graphics card.

Do you mean put the power supply back in the machine and try it or just connect up and try?

  Quiller. 11:57 11 Apr 04

Have you tried woodchips suggestion from your original thread. i.e. start in safe mode and go to msconfig \ startup and un-tick every thing except your cordless key board and mouse. Well if you disable those you won't get to far.

Reboot and see what happens.

  poogles_uk 12:04 11 Apr 04

I have no special drivers or programs for my mouse, that is the only wireless item that i have.

I will try this but i dont see how these items which load after windows loads when it mainly crashes before!!!

  poogles_uk 12:05 11 Apr 04

What do you mean by 'Well if you disable those you won't get to far. '

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