Win XP Power Scheme

  Blazon82 09:26 03 Mar 05

I am unable to permanantly change the power scheme in Win XP. I just have it shown as Portable/Laptop.
I can change it to Home/Desktop which is what I want, but the next time I reboot it has changed back to Portable/Laptop.
I would appreciate any ideas as how I can keep the changes I make.

  Stuartli 09:29 03 Mar 05

It might seem obvious, but have you clicked Apply and then OK when configuring the setting - also Save As "Home/Desktop"?

  Blazon82 11:33 03 Mar 05

Thanks Stuartli, yes I do that and save the new power scheme, it does save alright, but then when I reboot, it reverts back to the Portable/Laptop setting and the one I have saved has gone

  ACOLYTE 11:49 03 Mar 05

Have you tried the always on setting ? i wouldnt think there is much difference,and you can set the individual settings in the 3 drop down boxes.

  Blazon82 18:47 03 Mar 05

There is no drop down box with the other schemes on it, just Portable/Laptop. Every time I try to add another scheme to it, I see an entry in the registry , hkey_current_user/control panel/power config/power policies. Each time I try, another entry gets added to the registry, so I have about 30 numbers in there, when there should only be 5

  Stuartli 09:41 04 Mar 05

Are you trying to use/configure Hibernate and Standby settings as part of the power options?

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