Win XP No icons on the desktop

This morning I booted the laptop and I get the background picture but no icons appear and no start menu either. the only thing available is the task manager via ctrl-alt-del.

Does / has anyone any experience of this problem.

  Djohn 09:52 13 Jan 04

Try right click on desktop and from the drop-down menu you will see the option to "Arrange Icons By" make sure there is a tick against show "Desktop Icons". j.

Both right & left click nor the windows keys are working

  vj_gem 11:07 13 Jan 04

the explore.exe file may be corrupted. did u do any recent updates to the xp?if so and u know what they r go in the safe mode and delete them.
if u r not sure about it the try repairing the operating sould work.

Tried safe mode and dos prompt niether will work, the only way i can get to see files is using task manager even that is limited as when i try to run a program it says "you need to create an association with this" or something like this

Hope this makes sense.

  vj_gem 11:27 13 Jan 04

try doing a repair using ur xp instalation cd that should solve the problem as far as i can think.

tried repair it says:

"this file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Folder Options control panel"

  steven_frost 14:37 13 Jan 04

does your laptop allow you to boot from cd-rom if so boot with the windows xp disk in and running it as normal ingnore the first repair and carry on when it gets to detecting hard drive it will look for the os installed tell it to reapair from their

will try now ? thanks

Thanks to all who responded, steven_frost's was the one that worked.

My laptop now has a repreave and I promise not to swear at it again? well until the next hic-cup at least

Thanks again

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