Win XP License Key

  The Teacher 06 Jul 11

I need to do a reinstall of Win XP Pro but although I have the original disk I cannot remember where I put the license key, and don't have the original box.

Is there anywhere on the disk where the license key is stored so that I can retrieve it?


The Teacher

  mrwoowoo 06 Jul 11

On windows 7 now. But i think if you went to contol panel and then system, you would find it there.

  mrwoowoo 06 Jul 11

Here's some free xp serial key retrieval programmes you could try if i'm wrong. (O:!

  ventanas 06 Jul 11

Download SIW

link text

Look under Licences

  mrwoowoo 06 Jul 11
  preston 06 Jul 11

If the re-install is on the original computer, their should be a sticker on the side of the computer with the key on it.

  Strawballs 07 Jul 11

Preston, not if it was a retail version or an OEM bought with a system and installed by the owner.

  The Teacher 07 Jul 11

It is not going onto the original PC, that gave up the ghost ages ago, it is going to go onto a laptop that currently has Win 2000 on it.

I have had a look at the various programmes mentioned above and they seem to be OK if going onto the original PC, i.e key retrieval from the Registry, but not if key lost and install going onto a different machine.

The Teacher

  buteman 07 Jul 11

It is not going onto the original PC, that gave up the ghost ages ago.

Maybe if you still have the hard drive for it you may still be able to extract the keycode for it from that.


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