Win XP License

  sherlockH 15:05 25 May 04

A friend was trying to download XP Service Pack 1a and it seemed to go OK but then would not install saying something about unrecognised license number, contact microsoft etc. Has she got a suspect copy of XP? Any way round this?

  PSF 15:10 25 May 04

SP1a will not install on a pirate copy of XP. If it is a genuine copy contact Microsoft and they will sort it out over the phone.

  Djohn 17:56 25 May 04

PSF is correct. If the product key is not a valid one then the update will not install. If you have any doubts Phone Microsoft on 0870 60 10 100 and they will sort it for you.

Don't worry they won't bite your head off if the copy you have is not valid but they will tell you and request where you have purchased from. It's up to you if you wish to tell them or not. j.

  sherlockH 18:16 25 May 04

Thought that would be the case, I will let her know. Cheers.

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