Win XP and Irfan View

  The Potter 23:44 29 May 07

Having just loaded XP and using Irfanview for the first time to sort my pictures from the digital camera - does anyone know a way I can stop Irfanview from displaying the pictures when I want to save to my pictures?

I may need to subtitle this as 'Highly irritating things about XP, part 1! I'm trying to sort out the others on my own so keeping fingers crossed that the subtitle won't be needed!

many thanks,


  Gongoozler 07:46 30 May 07

"stop Irfanview from displaying the pictures". If you have associated jpg files with Irfanview, then double clicking any file will cause it to open in Irfanview. Other than that I don't know of any reason Irfanview should be displaying the pictures - or am I misunderstanding the question? I'm also not sure what you mean by using Irfanview to sort the pictures.

  The Potter 22:37 31 May 07

Thanks for responding,

I don't think I explained myself very well but I've worked it out now!

When going to save a jpg open in Irfanview, the folder shown in the 'save as' dialogue was showing actual images and I just wanted a list. I've found there is an icon on the far right which lets you choose how a folder is viewed and I can change it to 'list'.

Your time and effort though is much appreciated.


  Gongoozler 19:50 01 Jun 07

Hi The Potter. I'm pleased you got it sorted.

Did you know that if you have a folder full of pictures, then in Windows Explorer you can select "View" "Customise This Folder" - "Customise", then in the "What kind of folder do you want?" area select "Photo Album (best for fewer files)". Then again select "View" and you will have the Filmstrip view available. This gives a large picture of the image selected with the option to rotate the image 90 degrees. This rotation is permanent.

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