Win XP Installing on another computer

  Quilljar 23:23 28 May 05

I have a pretty old Win XP disc from when it first came out. Is there a time limit when such a disc could be used to put the OS onto a clean formatted HD in another machine?

  josie mayhem 00:12 29 May 05


As long as it isn't on any other computer. You can download both sp1 and sp2 from microsoft site, along side any other up-date required.

  ACOLYTE 00:16 29 May 05

Time limit? i dont think there are time limits i still have win 98se i have had it years and it still works fine,so i dont think XP expires over time.

  Taff36 01:07 29 May 05

SP1 is integrated into SP2 so you only need the latter.

  Quilljar 08:58 29 May 05

I clearly did not ask the right question.
What I mean is, I believe I read that after a certain amount of time, say a year or so, a Win XP disc could be used to install the OS on another computer without being authenticated. I am sure I read this in a revue when XP first came out?
Is it true?

  Fingees 09:39 29 May 05

It has to be activated, but this is no problem, as records are not kept for more than a year from last activation.. So you can do it on line with no query.

  wednesday 13 09:59 29 May 05

I was wondering if it would be worth upgrading my 98 PC to Xp but was worried if there would be consequences as a lot of people have had problems upgrading older PCs to Xp.

  Quilljar 10:15 29 May 05

Thanks Fingees I will give it a try.

  DieSse 11:30 29 May 05

Whether or not it would activate and run without problem is not the issue - It may or may not - but it would certainly not be leagal, as you would be breaking the terms of the licence agreement to have it on two systems simoultaneously.

I would also caution you that there are a lot of "old wives tales" around as to what will work and what won't. Even if you get it activated, there's nothing to say it won't be checked at some future date when you are on-line.

  DieSse 11:30 29 May 05

leagal? = legal

  Quilljar 12:53 29 May 05

I shall not be undertaking anything illegal. The original computer for which this OS was once activated, has long gone onto a skip!
Howewer, I have decided to give this second old computer away with a blank HD anyhow!

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