Win XP fresh install on new hard drive

  morris948 20:29 04 Oct 07

I have a new larger hard drive for my PC and thought i would install a fresh copy of my Win XP pro to start again with a clean install.
But when i put my floppy disc no 1 of 6 in, the system booted up from the floppy and then got to the blue screen headed 'windows setup'
And this is where it stops, there is nothing else no matter how long i wait. i cannot continue, does anyone know why?

I tried making another copy of disk 1 but it did not help.
by the way, my XP CDROM is an old version and is not bootable, but i installed it this way when i first built the PC 5 years ago.

  skidzy 20:44 04 Oct 07

Check your bios is set to boot from cd drive first as opposed to the hdd.
This should enable the windows disc to boot.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:51 04 Oct 07

Unless I am mistaken I have never used or seen a copy of XP that will not boot from the install disk. skidzy is probably spot on.


  morris948 21:28 04 Oct 07

Have just tried setting the bios to read the cd drive first.
Put win xp pro in the cd drive, booted up, message'searching for boot record on cdrom' -- could not find anything, tried to go to other boot devices and then gave error message.
Just to re -iterate: if i put disc 1 of 6 (floppy) it boots from this and 'inspecting my hardware' message comes up, then the blue screen appears titled windows setup.
But thats all thats on the screen the title thats says 'windows setup' the rest of the screen is blue with no other script or text. what has happened here, i am sure it worked fine last time i did this 5 years ago.

  bluto1 21:34 04 Oct 07

Make it boot from floppy, it can't boot from CD

  bluto1 21:37 04 Oct 07

should have continued... if you're using a floppy disc.

  ventanas 21:42 04 Oct 07

The age of the CD is meaningless. They will all boot.
I've got about 20 from the time of XP's first release, and they boot without problem. There must be another issue preventing the cd from booting.

  skidzy 21:46 04 Oct 07

" blue screen appears titled windows setup"

Is this the screen you get,click here

You will need to wait for the files to load before pressing enter.Depending on your hardware,this may take a few minutes.

click here

  morris948 21:50 04 Oct 07

well, this one doesnt ! and never has done, i have always used the 6 boot disks, but my question is about the disk 1 floppy, i have just opened it and this is what it contains:

Is this correct? or is there anything missing

  morris948 21:52 04 Oct 07

just read your thread before my last post. this is exactly what i see as you described in that link.
Is there anything i can do!

  Totally-braindead 21:52 04 Oct 07

You could try downloading a win98 boot disk, create a floppy and boot from that then change across to the CD and install it.
I too didn't know there was ever a XP disk that wouldn't boot.

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