Win SP2 update. CD or download

  isca2 12:47 31 Jan 06

I have an original Microsoft CD from the time when SP2 first came out. Does anyone know if the download file from Microsoft site is the same as the original CD or does the latest download contain any "updated" files etc since the early days ?

  Durko 12:49 31 Jan 06

go for download from microsoft website


  vinnyT 13:17 31 Jan 06

SP2 is SP2, the cd is the same as the download from the website.

Use the cd to update your pc to sp2, then, log onto windows update to download the latest patches.

This way you will have installed the largest part, SP2, and will only have to d/l what came after sp2 was released.

Hope this helps.

  Mytob 13:23 31 Jan 06

dl one is going to be better in the end i think as it may have bug fixes from ealier versions of it. aparanly the firt few releases of it destroyed the windoz install on the system! one thing you can do is slipstraem sp2 into a windows install disc for next time as i do and it saves on hd space and messing time.

  PaulB2005 13:29 31 Jan 06

"aparanly the firt few releases of it destroyed the windoz install on the system!"


SP2 is SP2 - the downlaoded version is the same as the one on your CD.

  isca2 13:51 31 Jan 06

Thanks all. Will go for the download just to be sure !

  Mytob 14:03 31 Jan 06

hay just what i hurd from a friend who is a real computer wiz.

  mattyc_92 16:59 31 Jan 06

There *were* problems when SP2 first came out. There were cases where some "third party" programs (e.g. Nero). But these problems were fixed on their side, not Microsoft's....

  Stuartli 17:33 31 Jan 06

Downloading from the Microsoft website will/should only install the required files - the SP2 disk includes around 256MB of files.

  Kenneth-266656 19:20 31 Jan 06

The download took me just over an hour - all went smoothly but there were moments of concern especially at the very end when the screen goes black for about two to three minutes. Whatever you do DON'T shut down in deperation at this stage or you will be in real trouble. At least the download has got all the original bugs out which produced so many horror stories.

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