Win Power Cinema starts up when it feels like it

  raysophie 11:36 25 Mar 10

Using Windows XP home on Medion Desktop, had problems with it overheating and shutting down unexpectedly, cleaned out computer of dust etc and now seems OK apart from the fact that every so often Windows Power Cinema starts up for no reason , any idea how to stop this happening , I was just going to uninstall the programe as I do not use it much but seems the wrong way to cure problem.

  raysophie 11:43 25 Mar 10

Sorry it is Medion Cyber Power Cinema not Windows

  birdface 11:45 25 Mar 10

Maybe try msconfig if it is ticked in start up untick it.Apply ok.See if that helps.

  raysophie 13:10 25 Mar 10

not in msconfig as far as I can see

  birdface 13:28 25 Mar 10

Any of those updates fix it.

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Does it appear on the TaskBar and can you right click it and remove it.
Stop it running In Task Manager maybe.

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