Win ME...No Dial Tone?

  kumarisblue 23:37 11 Mar 05

Would really apreciate advice....have reinstalled windows me on dell inspiron 8000 laptop and modem drivers, which are up to date and active. However when I try to connect to internet there is no dial tone. Any ideas?

  djwheeler 12:00 12 Mar 05

Have to try the simple first. Have you tried a different cable?

  Chezdez 12:34 12 Mar 05

if you have BT 1571, make sure that you don;t have any messages on 1571, as this will break up the dial tone, and some modems get confused

  iarno 15:22 12 Mar 05

On the bottom bar right click the volume icon and select "open volume controls". Click on "options"
then "advanced controls" and untick the "Muted" boxes along the bottom.

I run ME and this worked for me.


  kumarisblue 19:26 12 Mar 05

Have tried advice given and still no joy! I have also tried running a PC Check piece of software through the system to try and diagnose the problem but this will start to load up but freezes on 'detecting hardware'. When I explore the disc with the program on it, there are what I call 'empty icons' so it would seem some program is missing from the system but I wouldnt begin to know which one or what. Does anyone have any ideas about my next course of action? All help is appreciated!

  SANTOS7 19:35 12 Mar 05

click here
error No. 680, this may help,good luck........

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