Win Me - Updates stop at last square

  kinger 21:40 23 Oct 05

My elderly mother-in-law has Windows ME and each time she tries to complete a Windows Update it will download to the very last blue square and the session simply freezes.

I've tried it myself where it will take an age to download but, sure enough, after the very last section of the download indicator completes it freezes and the only way out is to reboot.

I have tried selecting just one update at a time but still it stops at the end of the download but before it installs.

Can anyone throw any light on this problem, please?

It is Windows ME on a broadband connection.

  kinger 21:46 23 Oct 05

that it is a clean install of ME, we just want to install the updates to the current version.


  splork 22:34 23 Oct 05

have you run a thorough scan of the hard disk? go to start/run and type scandisk.exe

  sidecar sid 09:12 24 Oct 05
  sidecar sid 09:12 24 Oct 05
  kinger 22:03 24 Oct 05

Yes, scandisk has been done.

Sidecar Sid, thanks, will have a go at that first thing.


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