win me default image viewer gone missing

  holly polly 18:54 21 Nov 03

Hi using me ,my default app with what i use to view images ,has gone missing ,i now have to view them with image preview ,unfotunately i cannot print from here ,i have to drag the image to another app to print ,how might i reinstate the default program ,checked in add /remove programs and no mention-regards-hol pol...

  A_World_Maker 19:24 21 Nov 03

what is your default application?

  holly polly 22:19 21 Nov 03

thats just it cant remember what the default app is called ,it is what win me uses to open image files email attatchment imagges by default -hol pol...

  britto 22:25 21 Nov 03

mine uses image viewer,in folder options/file types what prog is used for bmp,jpg ect.

  britto 22:30 21 Nov 03

sorry image preview , but the option to print is in the bar just above the image

  lindyloo4 10:27 22 Nov 03

Think you may mean Microsoft Photo Editor. I use Me and found it start - programs - home affairs. I'm pretty sure it's the program that views e-mail pics, but to be honest I haven't taken that much notice.
Also found it by typing photo editior in search and it brought up a shortcut icon and folders.

  holly polly 16:18 22 Nov 03

done search tried looking in my programs as you suggest cannot find microsoft photo editor ,any more ideas -hol pol...

  lindyloo4 17:39 22 Nov 03

Sorry can't help any further. Just had a friend send me a photo and it is definately Microsoft Photo Editor that opened it.

I presume you have already tried System Restore to a date you can remember it working.

Good luck.

  Pesala 17:43 22 Nov 03

That is what I use for my default program for most image types: click here

click here for a quick tutorial

  holly polly 18:13 22 Nov 03

ok can i reinstall windows ,or repair and hopefully get the app back=hol pol...

  Pesala 18:37 22 Nov 03

Try Add/Remove Programs, Windows Setup, Accessories, Imaging. If it is already checked, try unchecking to uninstall it, then repeat the process to reinstall it.

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