win ME boot up, intermittent freezing mouse

  Robin0759 17:40 18 Oct 03

Every so often, when booting up, the mouse in inoperative. Using Ctrl,Alt,Delete to re-boot frees everything up. It's just an annoying little glitch. System is a Packard Bell special! I've tried using their recovery software to re-install Win ME, but no joy. Problems seem to have started after using a plug & play card reader ("Jenreader" for smartmedia card ) Any Ideas?

  graham√ 18:00 18 Oct 03

Are the mouse and card reader USB, by any chance. There's a lot of this about at the moment. Try booting with the card reader unplugged.

  Robin0759 18:31 18 Oct 03

The card reader is USB but the mouse is PS2. Have tried booting up without the card reader installed but I still get this intermittent freezing.

I had this with M.E. plus no mouse pointer on boot up sometimes. It happened randomly and i never found a cure. Eventually replaced pc and upgraded to xp. No problem since.

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