Win 98SE re-install

  Bellboy 16:57 02 Nov 05

I am trying to install Win 98SE, over itself.

Fails because " a virus check is currently running".

I have turned off Norton "autoprotect" and Bios protection, but still get the same message.

Any ideas?


  PaulB2005 16:59 02 Nov 05

You can't do it whilst windows is running!

Why do you want to do this? Is there another problem we can fix?

  Bellboy 17:07 02 Nov 05

I have been plagued with bootup faults.
70% chance it either freezes, or Explorer "must be shut down"
I have been changing "selective startup items, but cannot find the problem and thought a reinstall of Windows Explorer might help.

  Bellboy 17:10 02 Nov 05

>You can't do it whilst windows is running!<

Used to be able to!

Have windows on my "D" drive.

Boot disc > navigate to "D" > install.


  PaulB2005 17:15 02 Nov 05

Can you explain exactly how you are trying to do this?

  Bellboy 17:23 02 Nov 05

Boot disc, gives "A" > Change to "D" > change directory to Win98 >install.exe


  PaulB2005 17:30 02 Nov 05

So you used a Boot Floppy disk?

Is D the CD drive?

  Bellboy 17:37 02 Nov 05

Is D the CD drive?

No. But I have copied Win98 to "D" for this purpose and installed this way before. (Possibly before I had to change my mother board. Hard drive was unchanged.)

  woodchip 18:12 02 Nov 05

Change the BIOS to start with CD as first boot device, then start with CD in computer. HD as Second Boot. The AV you use will not be running in DOS

  karmgord 19:00 02 Nov 05

when windows starts from a boot disc it creates a ram drive this will shift your "d" drive to "e"so you must change to the diretory where the files are on e drive and type setup.exe

  Graham ® 20:31 02 Nov 05

Can we assume you do not have a 98SE CD? I am confused, if you are trying to load Windows from a hard drive, it will be the same as the one you have now.

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