Win 98 to Win 98 SE info pls

  Memoryman 18:37 18 Nov 04

Trying to help a friend with a computer problem - Is it possible to easly achieve the enhanced functionality of Win 98 Second Edition from Windows 98? She wants to use a USB memory pen and a camera card reader on her computer, but both of these devices drivers only seem to work with 98 SE according to the literature supplied. However the computer has USB ports which definitely work, because there's a printer plugged into one of them which works fine. Tried to load both bits of software, but any attempt to plug either device in results in a hang followed by the BSOD. Any help gratefully received.

  mattyc_92 18:50 18 Nov 04

Hi, in many cases the hardware devices will still work with previous versions of windows (or newer version), but the computer's speed may be effected. For example.... alot of devices, at one time, stated that only windows 9x is compatible, but windows xp, ME and 2000 Pro were still compatible, just the computer's speed was used up more

  Strawballs 00:43 19 Nov 04

If you have a win98se disk with liecence all you need to do is install over the top if you don't want to loose everything. Put the disk in it should auto run then click on install.

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