Win 98 upgrade to Win 2000

  Marchmont 09:40 14 Aug 03

I have a PC with win 98. I now have a Win 2000 CD (Full not upgrade). I appreciate that a clean install is best but is it possible to use this full disk to upgrade without reformatting and doing a clean install?

  Jester2K II 09:42 14 Aug 03

Every time i've seen someone try to upgrade with a full product cd it fails.

  temp003 09:56 14 Aug 03

Yes, you can upgrade. While you're in Win 98, put in the CD, and there's an option for upgrading to Win 2000. You already know it's better to do a format and clean install, so it's your choice.

  Marchmont 10:49 14 Aug 03

Thanks temp and jester.
It looks like I coukld give it a whirl but it might fail.
I could then go the long and better road!

Thanks for your help

  granpa geek 11:11 14 Aug 03

if your more comfortable with 98, do a clean install with 98 then upgrade to 2000,(same as clean 2000 install).I done it many times and it doesn't take too long and saves trouble later down the track!

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