win 98 se settings?

  dfghjkl 16:10 31 Mar 04

hello.i change the settings for taskbar,small icons and auto hide taskbar,i apply it and it is ok but when i reboot it go,s back to default can i stop it from changing back?peter.

  Diemmess 16:31 31 Mar 04

Basic stuff- Start button > Settings > Taskbar & Start menu.

Possible tinkering with font sizes via the display settings (Right click in Desktop)

  dfghjkl 16:44 31 Mar 04

basic it maybe (a bit like reading really) the question was how do i stop it going back to its default settings?i know how to change it.i also know how to apply it,what i dont know is why it changes back when i turn the pc on.if the question is that "basic"i should expect it to be answered by many.from clueless halfwit.

  GaT7 17:06 31 Mar 04

Did you recently install/uninstall anything? Also, do you use programs like Adaware, Spybot-S&D, etc.?

  Diemmess 17:47 31 Mar 04

I try to help,,,,,,, keep it short, and am misunderstood.

My fault really, should have looked harder at the question........... "how to stop a reversion after setting things as required?"

Still "basic" because I have nothing else to suggest apart from the obvious, 'Apply', 'OK', and then showing no mercy - 'Restart from cold'(with fingers firmly crossed).

  dfghjkl 22:17 31 Mar 04

i have tried that but no differance.i have only just put it together,so it is a fresh install,matsonic 8508e board,amd 1400 (1050mhz)30 gig,288 it is for my kids to get them away from mine,i guess they will just have to live with it,thanks anyway,i will leave it running for another day in case anyone knows how to sort it.thanks.peter.

  woodchip 22:21 31 Mar 04

Try running SFC with your Win98 disc in the comp to look for corrupt files. Go to Start\Run and type SFC

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 22:35 31 Mar 04

Does a Amd 1400 run at 1050mhz?, my old AMD 1200 used to run at 1196,have u set the FSB right in bios.


  dfghjkl 23:26 31 Mar 04

yes it is running correctly i think,if i change the fsb it wont boot,i have tried to fiddle,but the mobo is so unstable,i will replace it as soon as i can scrounge takes about 5 minutes of restarting to get it going,i guess it must have to be warm to work and it is prone to crashing if i put too much pressure on it.i have built it myself so i have tried differant drives etc so i know it is down to mobo or was my main pc untill i saved up for a msi kt4 and 2500+ stable never crashed once and i am always giving it a hard time (xp pro)

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 23:34 31 Mar 04

click here

Same thing here with 1400 maybe some help.


  dfghjkl 20:34 01 Apr 04

thanks.but my mobo only go.s up to 1200 i think,although it makes me want to play.peter

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