Win 98 and NTFS access

  Simsy 17:36 09 Oct 06


I now that win 98 can't, normally access files on a HDD that is formatted NTFS...

However, whatabout if the HDD is in an external enclosure an is connected to the PC via USB.

In this instance would a Win98 machine be able to see the contents, as it's getting it via USB rather than the internal EIDE cable?

Thanks in anticipation,



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:39 09 Oct 06


  Simsy 17:43 09 Oct 06

Thanks. That seems rather unequivocal and definite!



  Confab 17:58 09 Oct 06

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  Simsy 21:45 09 Oct 06

The reason I asked is slightly complicated...

I'm just helping a mate get setup with his first PC, a laptop. I'm also setting him up with an external HDD, (actualy a normal eide HDD and an enclosure), for backup purposes...

There's been a problem with this extenal setup, which has now been resolved by the shop supplying it, but in the process they have formatted the HDD as NTFS...

That wouldn't normally be a problem, but I think the user intends to share this with his folks, who I'm pretty sure have an older machine running 98 or Me.

I'm going to try to reformat the disc as FAT32 in the morning, but if I'm unsucessful then what you've suggested may be a help.




  Simsy 09:24 10 Oct 06

I managed to reformat the drive as FAT32 using Partiton Manager.



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