Win 98 (Can't get any sound)

  kelemvor 17:56 13 Jan 04

My brother has just bought a graphics card for his PC and decided that before installing it he wanted to format his hard drive.

The PC previously had win 98SE on it and he reinstalled this, however, he's now not getting any sound. ( Also, he's got integrated sound rather than a separate sound card).

The pc is detecting something but only says - PCI multimedia audio device detected. I'm not really sure what make and model the sound card is (though I think it's by Creative). Is there any way that I can find this out?? (there's not much info on the mainboard and my brother lost his manual quite a while ago).


  Diodorus Siculus 18:12 13 Jan 04

If you don't know the motherboard model, get Aida32 from click here and it will identify it for you. Then post back here with details and someone will be able to tell you the sound chip in the mobo I expect.

  jimv7 18:12 13 Jan 04

If he has reinstalled the os, then he needs to load the mobo drivers, on the mobo cd will be the sound card drivers.

  kelemvor 18:18 13 Jan 04


Thanks, I'll give that a try.

  kelemvor 18:36 13 Jan 04

OK, I've apparently got an Intel Whitney i810 motherboard

  kelemvor 18:51 13 Jan 04

I checked out the intel site (great link feature on AIDA32)and I found that the board has an 'Integrated graphics/AC‘97 controller'.

Might this AC'97 controller be 'AC' as in 'audio codec'?? In which case, might that then mean that the integrated sound and graphics on the board are part of the same setup - therefore, installing a separate graphics card (and defaulting to it) would then somehow bypass the 'Integrated graphics/AC‘97 controller' and prevent the pc from playing sounds without a separate soundcard??


  woodchip 18:51 13 Jan 04

He should have drivers on the Motherboard CD for the sound

  kelemvor 19:02 13 Jan 04

I'm afraid he's a bit useless and tends to throw things like that out after a while. The scariest part is that he's just started doing a MCSE course! ;0)

I've got a link from the intel site that may help with those driver files though - will have to wait and see if they work.


  kelemvor 20:02 13 Jan 04

The software was only good for sorting out the on board graphics, I still can't find anything to get the sound going.

Any other ideas??

  R4 20:34 13 Jan 04

If you install a seperate Sound card you will have to dis able the integrated sound in the Bios... . same goes for the graphics, otherwise the system doesn't know which to use and it may cause conflicts.

  kelemvor 21:00 13 Jan 04

I've been having a look at the intel firmware hub - this apparently doesn't have the right drivers, wonder if that's causing some conflict?

Anyway, I think that I'm going to check with intel as the pc doesn't support the security drivers etc. which seems to be needed for the firmware hub drivers to install.

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