Win '95 - restore to factory config?

  graham√ 18:12 05 Jul 03

I have dug out an old PC of mine, which was previously on a company network. Many commands come up as 'Disabled by the Administrator', regedit for example. It doesn't have a CD drive, but I have made a start-up floppy. Can I 'crash' it back to the time it was not on a network and somehow have an 'out-of-the-box' PC, with Windows 95?

  VoG II 18:52 05 Jul 03

I'm assuming that you have a set of Windows 95 installation floppies - if not don't even think of doing the following.

Download a boot disk click here

Boot with the boot disk in the drive; this should take you to the A:> prompt.


Format C:

and hit Enter.

This will wipe the hard drive.

Then reboot with Disk 1 of the Windows 95 disks in the drive and follow the on-screen prompts.

  graham√ 19:45 05 Jul 03

Thanks, no installation floppies, unfortunately. I'll ask my sister if they have them.

  Megatyte 22:09 05 Jul 03

Couldn't you "borrow" a CD drive from another machine, just to get it re-installed?


  graham√ 22:14 05 Jul 03

Good thinking! I don't have a 95 CD, unfortunately. Would the CD be easier to obtain, I wonder?

  Megatyte 22:22 05 Jul 03

If you go that way, boot from a 98 start-up floppy, as the 95 version doesn't incorporate CD drivers.


  graham√ 22:28 05 Jul 03

Sorry, don't understand ... 95 is available on CD, shirley?

  woodchip 22:29 05 Jul 03

And a 98 floppy does not cover all CD drives especially if it's an old one. You could take your own out temporary and use that, it's easy to setup

  graham√ 22:33 05 Jul 03

Thanks all, will resume in the morning. Goodnight.

  Megatyte 22:35 05 Jul 03

What I mean is that you need to boot from a start-up floppy(an old computer likely will not boot from CD), and the 95 start-up floppy doesn't contain the drivers that allow you to access the CD drive.


  woodchip 22:55 05 Jul 03

You are right but Win95b or Win95c floppy disc does contain some CD support drives. But
he did not specify what version

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