Win 95 old..but...

  wotbus@ 12:38 05 Jun 05

My pal gave me tale of woe yesterday evening. He has been given a PC with Win95 and has been trawling shops to buy a printer but has been told everywhere "all printers now require at least XP"! Duff gen I reckon as surely it's a question of drivers is'nt it? I would love to help him out but one really needs to know if drivers for modern printers are still available for Win95. Any comments or advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  Technotiger 13:04 05 Jun 05

Hi, dunno about info your friend was given, sounds dodgy advice though, probably just trying to sell him a new one - why not get him to have a look around his local 2nd-hand/charity shops, often see printers in there and in perfectly good working order. All towns have their fair share of this type of shop I believe.


  Trackrat 13:05 05 Jun 05

I have just had a look at the HP printers and all of them had Win 95 drivers.
Just make sure you do not get a USB only connection.
A USB or parallel connection is what you want.

  Belatucadrus 13:05 05 Jun 05

Unfortunately it's not that duff, a bit of a generalisation, but basically true. Very few manufacturers bother to make drivers for W95. Current HP printers have W98 support, but not 95, you'll need to use sites like click here Printer drivers or the manufacturers own to see if one is available. Another goodie is the tendancy for new printers to be USB, and configuring W95 to use a USB printer even if you can get a driver is likely to be difficult.

  Technotiger 13:10 05 Jun 05

The other guys are right of course - I forgot to mention USB, but that is what I had in mind when I said look for 2nd-hand as these are more likely to work with '95.


  wotbus@ 13:26 05 Jun 05

OK everybody - excactly what I thought. Thank you all for your posts and I am sure I can help him out now. Much obliged.

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