Nessie 22:21 20 Mar 03

I have windows 2000 but have lost the authorisation number for install. Is there any way I can look on the cd for it or is there a number to contact microsoft so they can tell me what it is. Thanks

  mol01 22:33 20 Mar 03

THe number is not contained on the CD. Best plan is to ring Microsoft UK: (08706) 010100. Have your receipt ready, they will probably need proof of purchase.

  Nessie 22:45 20 Mar 03

I will give microsoft a phone but it must be on the cd as it has to check what you type in on install.

  Djohn 22:53 20 Mar 03

Yes it is on the CD, but I think you will need it installed to read the number, but then you need the number to install!

Sort of catch 22. :o(

  Forum Editor 00:02 21 Mar 03

checks the number using a complex set of parameters - the CD does not contain a specific number. I'm surprised you've lost the CD Key - it's printed on a label that's stuck onto the back of the CD jewel case.

  User-312386 00:14 21 Mar 03

If it is a pre-installed computer then authentication Key will be stuck on the side of the tower


  temp003 01:36 21 Mar 03

Since you're talking about contacting Microsoft for a CD key, your copy would appear to be genuine. Best thing is to contact MS. But if MS says no, there is a workaround. You can create your own bootable backup copy of the CD. During the process, you'll need to copy the contents of the CD to your hard drive first. There's a file in the i386 folder called setupp.ini. Right click the file, select Properties, and untick the Read-Only attribute. Open the file with Notepad. You'll see a line that reads Pid=51873000 or Pid=51873OEM. Change the last 3 digits or characters to 270. Save the changes. This way you will not be prompted to enter the CD key during installation. You can then go on to make your bootable installation backup CD.

This method is used by people who have to install a number of Windows 2000 or reinstall the OS frequently and they don't want the hassle.

There are many sites which give detailed instructions on how to make a bootable Windows 2000 installation CD, usually with SP3 slipstreamed into the CD, so that you don't have to install SP3 separately. For example, click here You need to follow the instructions closely.

You'll need (1) your existing w2k CD; (2) the boot sector for the CD (to make it bootable) which you can download from the link above; (3) the right CD burning software (which allows you to specify certain parameters for the boot sector).

The link above uses Nero 5.5

If you use Easy CD Creator 5, click here

If your burning software is not right, you can download a trial version of CDRWIN to do the job. For instructions on doing this with CDRWIN, click here

  temp003 06:30 29 Mar 03

Don't know if you've resolved the issue, but Powerless seems to have a better answer.

click here for his solution.

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