Wilson Keppel and Betty

  pj123 16:56 01 Apr 07

Who remembers them?

I have a 1 minute clip recorded from TV UK History. But they must have done more than this surely?

I have tried BBC, Amazon and Google. No info on BBC or Amazon but Google has a lot of info but no video clips

Does anyone know where there might be some Video clips please?

  tullie 17:01 01 Apr 07

I cant im only 60 lol

  Diemmess 17:15 01 Apr 07

Perhaps a trawl through the British Museum and National film/sound achives?

It is a long time ago so my memory may be distorted......

During Nat. Service, I saw them in a Bournemouth theatre (1952).
My only memory is one of continuous laughter as these three mimed their way about on stage dressed in a one piece fawn elongated vest outfit and a fez on top. Perhaps Betty wore less.

A shame that so little of them remains, perhaps because the music hall was already dying, and they really only had this Egyptian dance in their act.

  Jim Thing 17:17 01 Apr 07

There's a clip on YouTube at click here

  pj123 17:58 01 Apr 07

Thanks Jim Thing. That's a bit different to the one I have.

Also I have always understood that Betty (and there were many of them) didn't actually do anything except "look on". In that clip she appears to be doing a little dancing.

I have a friend who is a radio producer for BBC Manchester. He doesn't have much to do with TV but I have emailed him to see if he can search their archives.

  MAJ 18:00 01 Apr 07

I saw you using tongue on a mutton day...... where's me washboard...........

  pj123 18:11 01 Apr 07

Jim Thing, I didn't give you the credit you deserve. I failed to see all the related clips on the right side of the screen. Just looked at those and there are quite a few more.

Thanks again.

  Kalb 18:52 01 Apr 07

Are these all silent ?...or have I gone deaf !!
Surely there's a piano playing somewhere ?
There aren't many of us left who remember these.

  pj123 19:01 01 Apr 07

Kalb, no not silent. All have full sound, otherwise they wouldn't be worth watching.

  pj123 19:56 01 Apr 07

Can I download these clips to my hard drive?

  mantis1 19:59 01 Apr 07

try this link
click here

will convert to avi files for you and then you can download like any other
file, all you do is paste in the youtube link and start

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