will windows 7 work with efi?

  dth 20:21 20 Feb 13

I bought a new p/c which came with windows 8 pre-installed. Not really taken to Windows 8 and I've got a Windows 7 disc (when it came out which I have never used).

Was thinking of getting rid of Windows 8 and replacing it with Windows 7 but as my p/c uses efi (rather than bios) I just wanted to check that Windows 7 is compatable with efi first. I am guessing that the windows 8 drivers are likely to work OK with windows 7.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:52 20 Feb 13

Yes windows 7 will work OK with a pc with efi

efi will handle normal MBR partitions

  dth 21:20 20 Feb 13

thanks very much

  lotvic 21:26 20 Feb 13

Hope you remember to make your W8 pcs restore/recovery dvds in case you change your mind at a later date and want to try out W8 again.

You could buy another harddrive and install W7 on that (take out and keep your W8 hard drive in storage, or swap them in and out when you fancy another play with W8)

  dth 13:16 18 Mar 13

Well I have now deleted the windows 8 partition and am trying to install windows 7 from the installation disc but have hit a problem.

As normal the disc starts running and the graphic loading files to install windows completes as normal. The starting windows screen then appears but nothing seems to happen after that. I have left it running for 30 minutes but nothing.

Do I have to do something different with the bios being uefi (rather than bios)? Any help very much appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:53 18 Mar 13
  dth 14:17 20 Mar 13

Thanks for posting. Found the problem in the end it was a setting in the uefi (bios) that locked the system to windows 8.

Thanks again


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