Will a USB Dongle meet my requirements to extend WiFi range

  alternator 14:03 29 Jan 13

I have a W7 PC that has a wired internet connection. The Router is a WiFi router but the computer I am interested in is 3 Floors up so there is no WiFi signal. If I put a WiFi dongle in it will this enable me to get a WiFi signal to for example my smartphone or a printer next to the computer on the 3rd Floor.

  alternator 14:14 29 Jan 13

sorry just reread my post. I did not really make it clear the W7 PC is the wired internet computer on the 3rd floor so it is connected to the internet I would just like to connect other devices to the internet on the 3rd floor if I can without having them wired.

  Chronos the 2nd 14:29 29 Jan 13

No you need things called home plugs which use your electrical sockets to extend your wire/wireless range. I have no doubt others will better advise as I have no experience of these things.

Home plugs

  alternator 14:33 29 Jan 13

Thanks for that, but that is how the PC is connected to the router at the moment(ie through the house ring main). I was just not sure as the dongle obviously transmits as well as receives, if that was sufficient to connect. Obvioulsy from what you say it is not. I think I can plug in another router and then use that but I was trying to do it on the cheap

  SillBill 14:41 29 Jan 13

You said that your 3rd floor computer is WIRED if so, you probably need a USB transmitter dongle like this > http://www.hercules.com/us/wifi/bdd/p/33/hercules-wifi-usb-transmitter-hwgusb2-54v2-ap-/

Not sure where they can be sourced and also not sure if this is the same thing > http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008PWT9PW/ref=ascdfB008PWT9PW11664704/?tag=pgelec-01-1051-21&creative=22118&creativeASIN=B008PWT9PW&linkCode=asn

  SillBill 14:41 29 Jan 13

Second link is broken, copy and paste.

  alternator 14:46 29 Jan 13

Thanks for that Sill Bill, just what I was looking for. Thanks again for your help. All the best

  SillBill 22:25 29 Jan 13


Just received an email from HERCULES that the USB transmitter HWGUSB2-54v2-ap has been discontinued!

  DanielD 07:08 30 Jan 13
  DanielD 07:08 30 Jan 13

Sorry - copy and paste above link...

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