will usb 1.1 equipment work in usb 2 port

  David-189382 14:13 27 Feb 07

If I get a webcam with 1.1 usb connectivity will it work on my pc with a usb 2 port?

  keef66 14:14 27 Feb 07

Yes, no problem

  David-189382 14:18 27 Feb 07

To keef66, thank you for your quick response

  terryf 14:22 27 Feb 07

I bought a NEC Chipset 5 Port USB 2.0 Card, from click here and have had no problems, you must install the drivers from the supplied CD

  keef66 15:24 27 Feb 07

he's already got usb 2.0, and asking about buying a usb 1.1 webcam.

Or did you mean to post in the other thread about upgrading from usb 1.1 to 2.0?

  uesquebeathus 16:59 27 Feb 07

Specification USB 1.1 allowed a maximum transfer rate of 12Mbits/second.
whereas USB 2.0 maximum transfer rate is at 40MBps or 320Mbps.
so your tranfer speed will be at the slow rate
try this more info
click here
and for news
click here

  terryf 23:03 27 Feb 07

Sorry keef66, I was probably half asleep and didn't read the thread properly, it gets you like this when you get to 74, now why did I switch on the PC?

  Totally-braindead 23:23 27 Feb 07

terryf whats a PC?

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