will this PSU work with an AGP graphics card?

  livewire 21:07 07 Oct 07

click here

I'm not sure because it only lists support for PCI-E?

I dont know if "4 pin Molex to 8 (4+4) pin +12v Power adaptor" means the connector for AGP cards or not

PSU's are welllll confusing!

  STREETWORK 21:15 07 Oct 07

Says it support PCI through a dedicated connector.

The AGP card is fitted to the motherboard so you should not need to use the PCI connector...

  livewire 21:24 07 Oct 07

oh right - does an AGP not require any additonal power then?

I thought it would have seperate power - like PCI-E does?

  skidzy 21:30 07 Oct 07

Explained for you click here

The mobo will supply the power for your card.

  livewire 21:35 07 Oct 07

ah excellent stuff.

Thanks for the link!


  citadel 21:37 07 Oct 07

some agp cards need extra power, they just need an ordinary molex connector, all psu's have these.

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