Will my Image still work ?

  c4rm0 11:30 12 Mar 11

I had a problem with a machine that kept blue screening its based in a nursery so put it down to not being shutdown properly/windows messed up. So decided to do a fresh install of windows 7 ultimate which went through fine and once i had a installed all drivers i created a Norton ghost image so if it happened again could just restore the image rather than reinstalling windows

After a couple hours of the the fresh install of windows the machine started Blue screening again constantly this time i checked the event logs and the stop code's pointed to faulty RAM so ran a MEM test and the memory was faulty

I have now got new RAM will it be ok to use that Image ? or the fact that it was created with faulty RAM will i need to create it again?

  Strawballs 11:36 12 Mar 11

Yes it will be fine to use image as this takes image of software and you changed hardware that needs no drivers.

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