Will my hardware work with windows 7??

  julius44 06 May 11

Hello and good afternoon to u all. I currently have a windows XP SP3 machine which is over 5 years old. In about a 8 days tine, i'll be taking delivery of a brand new 64 bit windows 7 desktop pc. I have 2 specific items of hardware that I need to know will be compatible with my new windows 7 system The first is my Epson DX4400 stylus printer...link is here: http://www.trustedreviews.com/Epson-Stylus-DX4400-All-in-OnePrinterreview The 2nd is my logitech easycall usb skype link is here http://www.gadgetspeak.com/gadget/article.rhtm/754/389228/LogitechEasyCalldesktopsetSkype.html They are both of sentimental value to me....and the logitech I purchased way back in early 2008 from kikatek on sale for just £35,....some websites now sell it for over £70!!! Also the logitech keyboard works 100% flawlessly with my itunes, skype, etc..so id prefer not to have to change it. So when i get my new desktop pc....do I just have to just re-install both cds from scratch and will everything be 100% ok??? Or will i have to start looking for new drivers, etc or will I no longer be able to use both of these please???? Any links suggestions etc most appreciated, many thanks Jules

  Woolwell 06 May 11

The place to start is here Windows 7 compability

click on hardware and input Epson DX4400 and it looks good Epson DX4400

the other places to look are the manufacturer's support sites.

  Woolwell 06 May 11

The Logitech looks good too link text

  julius44 06 May 11

may thanks, for that, the links have given me peace of mind. much appreciated.

  robin_x 06 May 11

If your internet connection is an old modem check that. I had to get a new wireless/modem/router when I upgraded. ISP sen it free though.


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