Will more RAM make a noticeable difference?

  WayneKerr 14:47 27 Jan 03

I have an Athlon 1333 mhz with 256mb DDR on a Giga-byte 7dx. My main work is office with a bit of photoshopping in my spare time. All running on Win 2k pro (sp3).

Am I likely to notice much improvment if I add an extra 128mb RAM (it is all that I can afford).

Thanks for any advice.

  Diemmess 14:53 27 Jan 03

A little increase in speed particularly when more than one graphic file is loaded......But not the sort of improvement that you would be getting by having added the 128 if the original was only 128!

  Djohn 14:55 27 Jan 03

WayneKerr, Not a noticeable difference on what you are doing, even an extra 256 will not be noticed unless you are into gaming or heavy Photo use.

  Lú-tzé 14:56 27 Jan 03

Probably a little when doing instesive work with graphis, or when you have more than one graphic open. Check if your current RAM is 2 x128 or 1x256 (the GA-7dx has only 2 memory slots).

  WayneKerr 15:01 27 Jan 03

I think that I will save my few pounds then for something else - or with till prices fall a bit and get 256mb RAM.

Thanks for the warning Lu-Tze - it is a single stick that I have now.

  Djohn 15:04 27 Jan 03

WayneKerr, yes prices do seem to be falling at the moment, keep an eye on, crucial's web site.

  WayneKerr 12:50 30 Jan 03

Keeping my eye on Crucial... 256 getting better value every day!

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