Will I still see the POST/BIOS if VGA has died?

  Tinkey Winkey 11:57 06 Apr 07

If my graphics card has died will I still be able to see POST and Bios Info or will there be no display whatsoever?

  Belatucadrus 12:17 06 Apr 07

VGA card supplies the signal to the monitor, no signal, no picture regardless of how well everything else works. So the short answer is no.

  Totally-braindead 13:05 06 Apr 07

As Belatucadrus says. No. No graphics card no signal no display.

  wotbus@ 13:26 06 Apr 07

There will be no display. If you want to see anything, remove the card and the OS will read from the on board mobo graphics.

  skidzy 13:30 06 Apr 07

Catch 22 im afraid,if you have onboard graphics this should auto enable once the graphics card has been removed,however not always,you need to go into the Bios and enable the onboard graphics.....so therefore you could be stumped either way.

Looks like possibly a new card.

  Totally-braindead 13:30 06 Apr 07

If the PC has onboard graphics of course.

  wotbus@ 13:35 06 Apr 07

Hmmm, bit pessimistic. I thought all mobo's had on-board graphics otherwise you wouldn't be able to set them up "out of the box"! I have rebuilt several computers and removed/installed several VGA cards and NEVER had to go into the BIOS to enable anything ! Maybe just lucky eh!
But to answer Tinkey Winkey's question - "No if you leave the u/s card in" ;-)

  wotbus@ 13:38 06 Apr 07

PS Tinkey Winkey - look at the back of the PC and see if there is another blue monitor connector, usually vertical and not far from the mouse/keyboard sockets. This will tell you if you have mobo graphics or not.

  skidzy 13:41 06 Apr 07

If Tinkey Winkey could give us the motherboard details,we could find out if the board has onboard graphics.

  Totally-braindead 13:48 06 Apr 07

I've never had a computer with onboard graphics, it is more common now but there are still many boards that do not have onboard graphics.

  Tinkey Winkey 23:43 06 Apr 07

Dedicated VGA has died - replacement solved the problem.

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