Will I lose my old web site links?

  edennorman 16:55 20 Feb 04

Hello all

A couple of years ago I built mu first site with Front Page...yeah it was pretty aweful, but the thing is people have linked to it all over the place.

Now I want to replace it with something better but I have heard it said by a web guru...that when it comes to replacing sites a lot of people just tear down the old and build anew....and lose a lot of links in the process...what should I do to preserve the links I have built up...what should I watch for when uploading the new site? Is it something to do with keeping the index page?

Thanks people....


  Pesala 16:59 20 Feb 04
  Pesala 17:13 20 Feb 04

If people click on an old link they get this: click here

click here for the thread that tells you how to get a customised page 404.

  edennorman 23:14 20 Feb 04

Thanks pesala but I plan on keeping my old domain and wen=b site address, when people dial up my web address they will go to the same site but a new web site will be there (hope)

  Diodorus Siculus 23:18 20 Feb 04

In that case you should have no problem - it will depend on what pages people link to. If the homepage of the site you will be ok. If other pages, then ensure that you have new pages with these names.

  Falkyrn 23:31 20 Feb 04

If your original homepage was called , for example, index . htm and this is what people linked to ...... your new site should contain a page with the same name and then the old links will still connect to the site .....

The content of a site can change many times but if the page names are retained any links to those pages remain and the new information is always shown.

  edennorman 11:21 21 Feb 04

Thank you Diodorus Siculus/Falkryn

Thats made things clear to me.
end topic


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