will i gain speed by updating to a newer and faster router from netgear dg834pn?

  SANAP 13 Dec 11

I am stummped with all the latest developments especially in relation to wireless routers and speed. My bb is about 6mb download and router is set to auto 108mbps but wireless devices show 54mbps max. I want to stream video to a tv using the new apple tv gizmo and was wondering would I bnefit by getting say the Cisco Linksys E4200 and that is supposedly to to 400mbps.

Is it worth the money and will I get any benefit? Also does it mean the receiving device has to be able to handle the higher speeds as well viz is the apple tv gizmo designed to handle any range of speeds?

In a nutshell should I upgrade?


  maggotdrowner 17 Dec 11

The netgear router is only wireless G but this has been spuperceded by wireless N which offers faster speeds and greater range. Apple TV supports wireless N so a new router could help. Have you tried an ethernet connection from the router to the box just to see if you can get a satisfactory result, after all your bb is 6mb so that will be the limiting factor, not, ultimately, the wireless connection speed. Bear in mind that if you are sharing your bb with other computers etc that you won't get the full 6mb connection to the apple TV and the streaming might therefore keep pausing.

  SANAP 17 Dec 11

thank you, I have been doing a bit of reading and your answer clarifies a lot. I thought the netgear was N as well!! but it looks as if I bought it in 2006!!

And a good tip about other pc's I'll make sure everything is off when trying the apple TV. I will make sure next router is N as well.



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