Will I encounter any problems uninstalling Windows 7 Premium?

  pcbobby 27 Dec 11

My new laptop is a Compaq Presario CQ56 . OS Windows 7 Premium. C DRIVE contains current OS and all programs etc. D DRIVE contains RECOVERY.

I wish to install Windows XP Professional SP3. Using new Windows reinstallation CD

Is it wise to move all the programs AND DRIVERS to D drive or save them to a USB memory stick and add them after installation of XP PROF SP3 ?

Thank you for any advice.

  KRONOS the First 27 Dec 11

All programs will need to be installed again on the new XP operating system and all your drivers will be for Windows 7 so,I doubt, will not be of any use to use you. It will be necessary to download all motherboard drivers etc from the Compaq/HP website but unfortunately there do not seem to be any. See here;Drivers.

  northumbria61 27 Dec 11

I would advise you to stick with Windows 7 as you could encounter all sorts of problems in trying to obtain drivers. As per Chronus there do not appear to be any drivers available and in my opinion reverting to XP would be a backward step as it is only a matter of time that Microsoft withdraws support for XP SP3.

  pcbobby 27 Dec 11

Hello Chronus and Northumbria 61.

Thank you for your advice and comments.

I think that I may well try to live with Windows 7 and move with the times.

Kind regards.

  lotvic 27 Dec 11

You can have both XP and W7 as separate systems (not dual boot). Just buy a new harddrive to put XP on and take out your W7 harddrive. You can then just physically swap the harddrives over depending on which you want to use.

  pcbobby 27 Dec 11

Hi lotvic,

Thank you for your input.

My daughter has just told me that she will use my disc to update her old Pc from Win 98 to Xp. Perhaps a better opition .

Kind regards.

  Miké 27 Dec 11

Bear in mind it's possible to make Windows 7 look/behave very like XP.

I have a "Quick start area" on the taskbar for example and you can turn of Aero, you can make the "Start Menu" look like XP.

BUT why bother, at some point you are going too have to learn a new interface!


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