Will have to switch to Chrome for this site

  muddypaws 19 Jan 13

For the last 2 months using the latest FF and IE it takes over 10 secs to load any thread or link within.

The cause mainly appears to be 'transferring data from "now.eloqua" and " inskinmedia" '

Up to 10 minutes to browse a few threads/ forums is not good.

Anyone know of any FF adjustments please or have similar problems?

Only this site no problems anywhere else

Chrome is instamt.

  muddypaws 19 Jan 13


Ditto with Java.

AB+ and DNT are both running. It's the same with them dis-abled.

Also been to the 'Cookie Options. on the home page above the Security Advisor site.

Removed everything, but all active again on the next visit.

I'm on FF 17.0.1.

Is there yet another?!

  muddypaws 19 Jan 13

PS--have latest Flash.

  muddypaws 19 Jan 13

Updated to 18.0.1---just the same.

Perhaps the tech boys on PCA can advise.

  mgmcc 19 Jan 13

"I'm on FF 17.0.1"

Latest version of Firefox is 18.0.1

  muddypaws 19 Jan 13


PCA is in the centre as it always has been with it running. Will check filters.

  muddypaws 19 Jan 13


Think you may have cracked it.

AB+ was shown as working, but no filter subsription added. Don't like PCA on the left, but will have to put up with it. Will report back after a few visits.


  muddypaws 19 Jan 13


All Ok now.

Will resolve.


  sunnystaines 20 Jan 13

gave up a few weeks ago IE AND firfox on this site run very slowwwwwwww yet ok on other sites.But chrome opens this site like any normal web page ,only view PCA with chrome now.

  muddypaws 20 Jan 13

Annominity strikes again.!! ( If that is how you spell it)

  muddypaws 20 Jan 13



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