will this graphics card work on my pc?

  2drewej 15:09 06 Jun 08

hi, im thinking of getting this card

click here

(BFG 8600GTS OC 256mb)

however it states it either requires:

One 6-pin PCI Express supplementary power connector -or- Two 4-pin Molex supplementary power connectors

the mobo i have is a GIGABYTE N650 SLI NFORCE 650

does anyone know if this will work ?

  keef66 15:45 06 Jun 08

it should work as long as your power supply has one of the power options you mention

  crosstrainer 15:49 06 Jun 08

As keef66 has stated, if your power supply does not have the extra connectors, this card will not work in your machine.

How old is it, what make and model?

The 8600GTS needs extra power to operate, and you will need a PSU of at least 450 Watts (IMO 500Watts) If your machine is older, you may have to consider upgrading the power supply.

  2drewej 16:17 06 Jun 08

thanks for the replys, so does the cards extra power connect to the motherboard, or directly to a connector off the power supply? (and what do they look like?) the system has a 600w psu so should be ok with that (think its by winpower)

  crosstrainer 16:19 06 Jun 08

The connections are from the PSU. and one for the mobo (I think your board is ok, it's the power supply that is iffy)

  crosstrainer 16:21 06 Jun 08

Looks like this:

click here#

Sorry about the bad image quality.

  2drewej 16:27 06 Jun 08

thanks :) , whats wrong with the psu?

  crosstrainer 17:07 06 Jun 08

Since we don't know what your's is I can't say.

The only way to find out is to open the case, and look at the sticker on the side (this will give you the wattage) and check to see if the required connections are there.

  2drewej 17:15 06 Jun 08

i just looked through the side panel and its definatly 650w.
if i took a pic of the inside would you be able to give me an idea as to if the card would connect up ok?

  crosstrainer 17:25 06 Jun 08

Wattage is fine....You just need to check that the proper connectors are there (they will probably be bundled in a cable tie) But yes a picture of the cables from the PSu should confirm it.

Looks promising, with that wattage.

  2drewej 17:47 06 Jun 08

heres one pic , uploading a few more now

click here

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