Will this Graphics Card do ?

  supernovae 12:48 01 Feb 07

I'm about to buy a new Dell system, and the set up I like has an ATI Radeon X1300 Pro Graphics card - it looks like potentially the only 'weak link'.

Will this card be able to cope with Vista, todays games, video editing etc ?

As always, all opinions appreciated thanks

  leedaz 12:53 01 Feb 07

For tomorrows games, Direct X 10 You need Nvidia 8800 GTS or GTX. 300-400 Quid but If I were upgrading now (and of course if you can afford it) I'd get one.(Prices coming down all the time for GTS, less than 300.

  supernovae 12:57 01 Feb 07

I won't be upgrading apart from what Dell have to offer - moving house so no more spare cash !

It's either the X1300 or compromise elsewhere and have a GeForce 7900 GS - both 256mb.

Just not sure whether the difference in performance is worth going without a better monitor, larger HD etc ?

  keef66 14:08 01 Feb 07

what are your priorities?

If it's just to run Vista, the X1300pro will be fine.
If you need to run the latest games well, you do need at least an X1600 pro or 7600gt based card. 7900Gs would obviously be better.

A good budget card I only recently heard about is the 7300GT. If Dell don't offer it, you could always buy the Dell with just onboard graphics (if that's possible) and then fit the card yourself

hi, i know someone at work who has just bought a dell, i dont know how true this is but he swears blind it doesnt have a pci express slot!
so i would check on it can be upgraded

  keef66 14:28 01 Feb 07

I know a lot of people who have bought Dells and only discovered later that they cannot add a graphics card.

However, if the website is offering PCI-express graphics cards as upgrade options for your model, that suggests it has the requisite slot. If at all unsure, ask Dell before parting with your cash.

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