Will Diskeeper Lite work on xp pro?

  dagwoood 23:29 25 Mar 04

As most people point out on this forum, the defrag utility on xp isn't that good.

I've found a link where diskeeper lite is still available as a freeware download but it doesn't show xp pro as compatable.

Does anyone know if it is compatable as I understood it the defrag utility on xp is a basic version of diskeeper.

Cheers, dagwoood.

  User-312386 00:11 26 Mar 04

If it is ok on XP home then it is ok on XP pro

  pc moron 00:15 26 Mar 04

I run XP Pro and this version of Diskeeper runs fine under it, click here

  dagwoood 01:20 26 Mar 04

Thanks for the input guys.

pc moron, the link you posted happened to be the link I'd found. Spooky.


  dagwoood 02:23 06 Apr 04

Twelve days on from the above postings I have been using Diskeeper on my system and haven't suffered any problems at all.

Compared to the defrag utility built into xp pro it is a lot faster and the "analysis" function gives more detailed info as to the number of fragments and what these fragmented files are.

The only downside is the annoying pop up on start up, but it's something I personaly can live with(it is a freeware version after all!).

Hope this proves helpful to other forum members.


  crx1600 02:32 06 Apr 04

i use it in winME, and have found it safe to delete DKSERVICE from start up.

it stops the 'drive C has X amount of fragments' window from popping up at regular intervals.

i had left explorer copying/moving a big file, only to find when i returned that it had paused when that window popped up, also appeared during TV recording, and caused loss of frames.

  dagwoood 04:15 06 Apr 04

Hello again crx1600.

I haven't experienced the problem you had with the pop up "drive C has X amount of fragments".

As usual I haven't explained what I meant clearly.

When I click on "disk defragmenter", while the program is loading, I get a pop up thanking me for using diskeeper lite but to get full functionality of the s/w you need to purchase the full version.

Thanks for taking the time to post anyway. Hope the "small red one" is O.K.

Cheers, dagwoood.

  QQAA 09:28 06 Apr 04

is a rare area in software whereby a certain developer (Executive Software) with its practical "Diskeeper" is able to enjoy a somewhat monopoly position for so long.

maybe reliable and efficient disk-defragmentation is not an easy challenge for software developer after all. but if there is a comparable products that could pose a serious long-term threat to "Diskeeper", i would be interested to know.

one thing which i have been wondering for quite long is whether there are any disk defragmentation tool that can defragment a CD-RW disc?

i know for sure "Diskeeper" cannot defragment a CD-RW disc because i am currently using it.

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