Will this computer work? (and is EBuyer.com reputable?)

  deebee396 29 Dec 11

Hi, I have decided to build my next computer. This will be the first computer I have built and would appreciate it if someone would confirm that these parts will be compatible, and tell me if I need any other cables/components.

CPU - AMD Phenom II x4 960t

MOBO - Asus M5A78L-M

GPU - Asus AMD Radion HD 6770

RAM - Corsair Vengance 2x4 GB

PSU - Corsair 600W CX Series V2

HDD - WD 750GB Caviar Green 3.5" SATA-III

DVD RW - Samsung SH-222AB 22x DVD±RW DL

CASE - Casecom 6788

P.S. I have noticed that on various review sites, such as TrustPilot and Ciao (and ebuyersuck.org), EBuyer receives a lot of very negative reviews. Yet on every forum I have looked at, most people are full of praise for the site. Are the events described in review sites common, or is it just a case of people with positive experiences not bothering to leave reviews?

  ICF 29 Dec 11

I have used Ebuyer for many years and have found them to be excellent.

Your components seem fine.The only problems people have is with PSU leads not being long enough because of it being mounted at the bottom of the case.Also you might want to buy some more case fans as it only comes with one front mounted.

  KRONOS the First 29 Dec 11

I suspect that as you have a large case for a small mobo you may have problems with your PSU being at the bottom of your case and therefore being some distance from the mobo.

As for Ebuyer I use it fairly regularly and any problems with components have been dealt with by an excellent customer service.

  deebee396 29 Dec 11

Hi, thanks for the replies, is there anything I could do to fix the problem of short power cords? Can extenders be purchased?

  ICF 29 Dec 11

Have a read of all the reviews on Ebuyer you might get some answers

  KRONOS the First 29 Dec 11

They may well be fine,but yes you can get extensions.

  ICF 29 Dec 11
  ICF 29 Dec 11
  deebee396 29 Dec 11

Thanks for all the help so far. Most of the cables are 60cm and the shortest are 55cm, the case is 19 x 43.8 x 43.4cm. I would imagine that the cable would be long enough, but I have no experience with building computers, another opinion would be appreciated.

  deebee396 29 Dec 11

Oh... In the product description for the case it says "Length 473mm, Width 190mm, Height 433.8mm", but in the tech spec it says "Width 19cm, Depth 43.8cm, Height 43.4cm". Although either way, it surely shouldn't make much of a difference.


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