Will 56K Modem work abord?

  Dearersteak 13:51 29 Nov 03

Hay all.

Ok, basicly, i'm building a machine for my grandparents who live in France. Now they wanted a PC so they can do all the normal PC stuff, e-mail, internet and so forth. I've got all the parts in my Dabs shopping basket, and am now missing one final part. A Modem! Living in the middle of france, they have no access to any form of boardband. so its going to have to be a dail up connection.

My question is, if i buy a modem in the UK, is it just a case of changing the settings over to french, and then using a french ISP? Or is there more to it than that!?

  Socalled 13:55 29 Nov 03

Abroad,56k is ok its only the dialing setup thats different.

  Dearersteak 13:59 29 Nov 03

OK... so how do i go about changing that? or will the ISP software do all that all for me? or is it just a case of clicking a few buttins here and there in the contorl panel?

Do i have to do anything at all?

No, the modem won't know it's in France. :-)

  sil_ver 14:07 29 Nov 03

Use the connection wizard and it will tell you what you need to know. Basically, the area code you are dialing from and the number you are dialing to

  Socalled 14:09 29 Nov 03

When you install the modem dont put any dialing code in ,let them do it when they set up there ISP,

  DieSse 16:23 29 Nov 03

I suggest you try and sign them up here. Wanadoo is the biggest and most widely used ISP in France click here

You should be able to pretty well set it up completely for them.

The last thing you want to do is set them loose with a French CD for signing up. i've seen too many disasters with people (here in Spain) trying to use a Spanish ISPs CD on their English language systems. (why is my internet all in Spanish - why have I got this Netscape thing in Spanish on my system - etc - etc)

You will only need a few things (like their telephone number!) to get them with a basic "free" service.

Then al least when you start troubleshooting it for them via 'phone, you will know what you're starting with!!

  DieSse 16:25 29 Nov 03

PS - I don't know what France Telecom phone connectors are like - but a trawl with Google should find out for you - or perhaps someone on here who lives in France amy be able to help.

  Sapins 16:40 29 Nov 03

Hi dearersteak. I'm in the South West of France, good luck with your system. Your grandparents may yet get broadband, France Telecom is expanding all the time, I have just got on to ADSL.

You can buy an adapter for your phone connector, English to French, contact the News (local Paper)on click here I'm sure they sell one.



  Sapins 16:51 29 Nov 03
  Sapins 16:53 29 Nov 03

11€, who's pinched our Euros? Iv'e just got used to them.

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