Wildtangent Web Browser ?

  night 08:28 19 Nov 05

Can someone tell me if this Wildtangent Web Browser is required or is it some sort of Spy Ware, as if one removes it it says it will affect ones game media and I suspect it's not can someone tell me if it is safe or should I remove it.?

  Forum Editor 08:44 19 Nov 05

is a plugin that comes bundled with some games, and consists of a WildTangent Web Driver, WildTangent Multiplayer Library, WildTangent Updater and WildTangent GameChannel.

You can remove it, but you might find that your game won't work properly if you do.

This is what Wildtangent have to say about their software:

"We collect certain system configuration information through our software such as your computer's CPU speed, video card configuration, and DirectX version. We use this information to adjust the way our games and other software work in order to ensure their best possible performance. We also collect certain product usage information through our software such as the number of product launches and time spent playing a product.
Our software includes a service that updates the GameChannel menu located in your Start folder with the latest games. Periodically, your computer will connect to our servers to receive the latest product updates. New product availability information or messages are transparently and unobtrusively transferred to your computer in the background, allowing you to review them later when you're off-line. You can access these product updates in the Game Channel folder of your start menu."

Draw your own conclusions from that.

  night 16:39 19 Nov 05

Many thanks Forum Editor, I have to thank you for your explanation which is in full I may say, I am sure others would be intrested in your findings in PC Advisor, having read and digested I now wonder as to whom and which games I have played it came in with? I do use Zylom Games but how can one find to which games provider Wildtangent belongs too, I am still very suspicious and would welcome any futher comments or suggestions, as it seems if it's not a virus its hackers or whatever, Many thanks for your reply though most interesting.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:59 19 Nov 05

Any thing that collects information about your usage without telling you first in my opion is suspect.

I ave removed all traces of Wild tangent from my PC and do not download any games etc, without first investigating what is bundled with it.

  night 18:35 19 Nov 05

Thanks Fruit Bat I share your views and I have removed same and nothing has gone so it's as you say, But the Forum Editor made me think and what he sent was very very interesting indeed just hope others take heed too, so thanks for making up my mind on this controversal subject Fruit Bat.

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