Wild Tangent games removal help

  Nuneatonian 17 Mar 13

Hello there I have recently got a laptop and it had a preinstalled icon for this I decided to click on it to have a look at the website but it has downloaded into my control panel. I have tried to uninstall it, but a box kept coming up something about run time in red writing and an x. It did not remove it at all. Is there a way of completely removing it, as I am not sure if this has affected my computer has it is running very sluggish. I am not that technical with all the jargon, even though I have had computers for years. Is there a safe tool I could get to rid of it? Thanks in advance Nuneatonian

  rdave13 17 Mar 13

Have a look here. There's an automatic removal tool download if you're not confident with the manual removal.

  Nuneatonian 17 Mar 13

Hello there, thank you for the help, I did visit the site, but could not find out where to get the removal tool.

  rdave13 17 Mar 13

Scroll down to the bottom. The link is WildTangent Remover. Download it and select 'save'. Save it where you can find it again. The simply run it. If you still have problems, try running it in safe mode.

  rdave13 17 Mar 13

Should say, scroll down to the bottom of the article only.


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