wild mouse

  eccomputers 23:22 04 Jun 03

Has anyone ever come across this before????

I went to see a machine today that just beeps and when you move the mouse it randomly moves around on the screen. Window after window is opened, usually IE. When you restart the machine it seems to clear for a few minutes. I've changed the mouse but it still does it. Im thinking maybe motherboard.
Machine has uptodate Norton 2003 AV.
Nothing funny running in background.

  Lú-tzé 07:49 05 Jun 03

I saw this when a scroll mouse was connected to a windows 98 first edition toshiba laptop. A regular two button mouse was fine; just the scroll button caused this behaviour.

  -pops- 07:59 05 Jun 03

There is some "amusing" or "joke" software called Crazy Mouse or similar that causes mice (mouses?) to do things like this.

Why irritants like this should be called amusing, I can't imagine.

Check (if you can) that something like that hasn't been surrepticiously installed.


  Andsome 08:11 05 Jun 03

If crazy mouse is showing in ADD/REMOVE programs, uninstall it from there. If not try START/SEARCH and search for CRAZY MOUSE, ensuring that C dive is selected. If it shows there just delete it. I once had this downloaded onto me by some idiot or other.

  Andsome 08:53 06 Jun 03

It really would be nice to know if the problem has been solved. At the moment we are all left wondering. If crazy mouse is NOT the answer please come back with more info. If however the problem is now solved, please tick resolved and tell us what the answer was.

  eccomputers 14:11 06 Jun 03

I will be revisiting the machine over the weekend and will report back.

  Belatucadrus 14:39 06 Jun 03

I've seen this with a wheel mouse, the problem went away when I installed the correct drivers.

  eccomputers 14:59 06 Jun 03

Ive got rid of the wheel mouse and changed the driver to standard ps/2

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