WiFi says its connected but cannot access the net

  kjrider 17:32 26 Nov 07

A somewhat baffling problem. The wifi adaptor on the PC says its connected to my home wifi, but IE cannot access the internet.

Checked the IE connections, etc.

Tried and loaded Mozilla firefox with the same problem.

Did a restore to when it worked OK, but still no good.

My laptop still works with it OK, so I know my broadband is working.

What daft thing have I done>


  Crash 17:34 26 Nov 07

When your connected does the router give you an ip address?

  kjrider 19:10 26 Nov 07

The router IP is but I cannot access it from the PC, even thought the USB wifi says its connected and it is a good signal!

The PC that won't access it is IP

Laptop is and behaves.

  woodchip 19:13 26 Nov 07

If you have Windows Firewall running Disable it. Then try the net. I only use my Router Firewall

  kjrider 19:19 26 Nov 07

Yes. Tried it but no effect. The only other thing I have is AVG, but that wouldn't affect it.

  acceptmyname 19:32 26 Nov 07

I know this mayba bit odvious but have u tried turning your router off for a minute then turning it back on again.

  kjrider 19:44 26 Nov 07

May have been a dirty plug or something, but had a play and its all OK. Thanks.

  kjrider 22:28 26 Nov 07

I think that may have been the problem Marg7 Thanks, although I thought that you could normally have quite a number of PCs to one wifi base..

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