WIFI not found

  kjrider 19:57 06 Jul 10

I am trying to help a friend with his PC.

Its is an Alienware PC, good spec, and has been used on cable broadbend.

He has moved flat, and I am trying to get it working on the wifi, but with the adaptors USB loaded, or a wifi card, it doesn't seem to detect the wifi, and when I go to IE properties, it just comes up with the cable broadband, (or dial up) and doesn't seem to want to know wifi. It will work plugged into the RJ45 cable.

I am sure that I must be doing something daft, but all my home PCs work fine on cable or wifi without any hassle.


  Technotiger 20:44 06 Jul 10

Probably needs a Router if no longer on cable.

  woodchip 20:47 06 Jul 10

Is the Cable box WiFi? If it is I would think Wireless needs turning on in the box. Normal Routers they are turned off by Default. I would think his Cable Modem is the same

  kjrider 22:28 06 Jul 10

The cable is unplugged and a wifi adaptor or card has been plugged in to the PC, but doesn't do anything.

My laptop will access the local wifi, but the PC seems stuck on the cable broadband, and the only other options seems to be 'dial up.'

  Sea Urchin 22:31 06 Jul 10

Have you installed a driver for the new card?

  kjrider 22:52 06 Jul 10

Yes - drivers have been installed for card and for two USB dongles, but it doesn't seem to know.

Other PCs seems to be able to go from cable to wifi without any hassle.


  Ashrich 22:57 06 Jul 10

What is the key function to turn it on ( fn+? )wifi symbol along top row on keyboard , if a Dell built one it may be fn+f2 ( for built in )


  kjrider 23:36 06 Jul 10

I don't understand - my laptop uses Fn + F10, but the PC will not register, and when I go to IE properties it just seems to stick with the cable set up.

  morddwyd 07:04 07 Jul 10

Is there an installation CD?

Some routers require software apart from a driver.

  onthelimit 09:05 07 Jul 10

When you plug a dongle in, do you get the message'new hardware discovered...' etc. If so, what do you see in Network Connections in Control Panel - an extra icon for wireless network should appear. If it's there, can you enable it?

  Technotiger 09:41 07 Jul 10

PC probably needs one of these ...

click here

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